Jon McPartland

Web developer

The long version

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I've been a front-end developer professionally for over 6.8 years. I've dabbled with web technologies since the mid-90s, but only really became smitten when tasked with building a web application for my previous employer. The scale of said app was far greater than anything I'd ever tried before but, with lots of swearing, and encouragement & assistance, I delivered it to the satisfaction of my employer. The buzz I got from that delivery really set in stone the desire to drive towards doing it for a living. I spent the next 18 months doing as I did when building the app: researching, learning, coding. The desire to program for a living motivated me far more than money—or any external factor—ever could.

Roll forward to today. I'm currently employed by Big Bite Creative, one of the leading digital agencies in the country, and one of only 11 VIP service partners in the world. I've worked on a myriad of different projects here: from simple, single-page static sites; to large, multi-lingual WordPress sites; web applications; interactive, data-heavy illustrative maps; WordPress plugins; and more.

I specialise in HTML5 (markup, a11y, i18n, and APIs, JavaScript (ES2015), CSS3 (SCSS), and platform integration (WordPress, Laravel, Express, Craft, etc). I built this site from the ground up, using the Lumen micro-framework, as well as provisioning the VPS it runs on; a cookie-less subdomain serves assets; Google's mod_pagespeed runs on Apache behind Varnish and Memcached; NGINX negotiates the SSL termination for both domains. This site (should be) quick as hell. I may not be proud of its appearance, but I am proud of the implementation.