Jon McPartland

Web developer


I specialise in HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, but have some basic Ops & SysAdmin knowledge, too. I have 7.8 years professional experience (after being a hobbyist for a similar length of time) building upon and integrating into many different platforms for which these technologies are core, inc.WordPress, Laravel 5, & Craft.

Nerdy stuff

I build bespoke sites from the ground up, focusing on modularity, scalability, and flexibility. To achieve this, I make full use of the most powerful technologies available.

I pre-process css using Sass (SCSS syntax), I use Webpack with Babel to transpile ES2015 to ES5, and Imagemin for image compression. Gulp encompasses all of these, handling my entire build stream.

Using these tools allows me focus on writing code, rather than worrying about processes, which means I can be as efficient and productive as I can.

Why does this site look terrible?

I'm a developer, not a designer. Whilst I have managed to glean some design theory from working closely with designers these past 7.8 years, I can't design beautiful websites. what I can do, though, is write beautiful code.

I spend time carefully building up smaller components — like building blocks — so that the overall time spent is reduced. A well-designed website can be broken down into a collection of smaller components layered together to create the overall structure; building the smaller components well means that the larger picture can be built up with relative ease.